Day 29

Did you know...

You can create high-quality reports using Wyldfyre

Did you know... You can create high-quality reports using Wyldfyre

What is Wyldfyre? It's a supplement to the MLS that gives you the ability to search listings, manage contacts, and run reports. This software is available to all of our MLS users, free of charge.

Features of the Wyldfyre/eNeighborhoods program:

  • Fast, simple, customizable searches.
  • Advanced contact management system.
  • Custom report designs by the easy-to-use Report Writer.
  • Attractive pre-made report designs with professional graphics.
  • Colorful charts and graphs help convey information that’s important to home-buyers.
  • Active property information from the MLS system.
  • Personalized reports with your name, photo, logo and contact information.

To get your copy of Wyldfyre, Go to GAAR during our regular business hours to pick up a disc.

Not sure where to start? We also offer Wyldfyre training through online videos and open lab hours to help familiarize you with the program.

Day 28

Did you know...

GAAR stays on top of real estate news by being proactive on topics affecting our industry

When news breaks by the National Association in Washington, D.C. your local Association is quick to localize the information and disseminate it to the local media. Each month your Association has numerous media impressions via print, radio, television and the web. Go to GAAR to track media impressions and discover which members are being highlighted by the local media.

Day 27

Did you know...

You have access to a mobile-friendly version of the MLS

Did you know... You have access to a mobile-friendly version of the MLS

If you’re on the go and need the MLS, we’ve got you covered. All you need is a smartphone with internet access and you can log on to Rapattoni’s mobile-friendly version of the MLS. This version of the MLS allows you to search for properties and agents, just like the real thing! It is optimized for mobile viewing so you won’t have to deal with long loading times or difficult navigation. Simply point your phone’s web browser to to take advantage of this fantastic feature.

Still not convinced? Click here to view Rapattoni's video tour of the PDA/mobile interface.

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Day 26

Did you know...

GAAR provides members with free Notary Public service

The price is right and the location is centralized, making GAAR a great value for this resource.

Be sure to make a quick call to the GAAR office (842-1433) to confirm that one of the Notaries is available and remember to have current identification documents available for the person whose signature must be notarized. Identification includes a photograph, physical description, and signature. Usually, a driver’s license, military ID or passport is accepted.

This business frequently requires that documents be notarized, so Go to GAAR to take advantage of this benefit.

Day 25

Did you know...

GAAR is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of MLS data

Did you know... GAAR is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of MLS data

Having an accurate database of information in the MLS is absolutely critical for Brokers and Appraisers and for compiling increasingly meaningful statistics that profile the activity and state of the market.

It all begins with the entry and maintenance of complete and accurate listing data. Through the recent implementation of the new "Data Checker" tool, members now receive practical, objective, and immediate feedback if the data entered needs to be modified to conform to the rules and policies of the MLS system. Southwest MLS staff is thoroughly trained and always available to clarify the rules and direct you to correct data sources. Having an automated feedback tool and qualified staff provides members with the support they need to ensure data integrity and to maximize the value of the MLS system.

Day 24

Did you know...

GAAR offers safe and secure online payment services 24 hours a day

GAAR offers safe and secure online payment services 24 hours a day. You can pay by any major credit card or even with your bank account information. If you are a Qualifying Broker of an office, you have the ability to view/pay any invoice associated with your office. All members can access this area, so Go to GAAR, login, and click on the Payment Center link to view your invoices. If you are unsure of your login or password or have additional questions regarding online payments, the association office can be reached at 842-1433.

Day 23

Did you know...

GAAR offers some CE Classes on Saturday

Did you know... GAAR offers some CE Classes on Saturday

Let’s face it, most members like to spend their Saturdays showing homes to clients, writing offers, handling chores around the house, or relaxing with family and friends.

However, for some members, Saturdays may be the perfect day to complete the eight hour NMREC Mandatory Course. Attending a class on Saturday is not for everyone. But for a few, it offers a great – perhaps the only – option for meeting this critical licensing requirement. So, if you need to attend a Saturday NMREC Mandatory Course, be sure to Go to GAAR.

To view GAAR’s Saturday Mandatory Course schedule, sign on to and access the Education page.

Day 22

Did you know...

GAAR has a members-only page

Go to GAAR to access the member side of As a member of GAAR, you will be able to access many additional features on our website. Learn about upcoming events and classes. Access members-only content, such as news, announcements, and videos. Leave comments about our news stories and see your remarks on the front page. Find all your GAAR-related forms in just one place. Simply login to access these and many more features.

Day 21

Did you know...

GAAR offers syndication services provided by ListHub

Real estate listing syndication is the process of getting a listing's information displayed on other websites around the Internet. Syndication gives you an advantage by giving your MLS listing the maximum exposure. Go to GAAR -- to learn more about syndication services provided by ListHub offer your real estate firm a comprehensive system for maximizing this listing exposure. ListHub offers services at the broker and agent level. For more information visit their website at

ListHub QB and Agent Reports – Designated REALTORS® and REALTORS® with a ListHub account have access to extensive reports showing their listing activity. The reports are available at the brokerage level, office level, agent level and for individual listings. With the reports you will be to identify exactly where your listings were viewed through the available ListHub channels.

Day 20

Did you know...

You can register for GAAR classes online

...and feel confident that your credit card number is protected. You control the registration process. No need to spend time finding, printing, completing, and sending a registration form to GAAR by FAX, email, or mail. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

Just Go to GAAR to register online for your classes. In addition to knowing that your personal information is protected, you’ll know immediately that your registration has been accepted. Your name will be on the attendance roster, just waiting for your signature on the day of the class. This assures you’ll get your CE certificate at the end of the class, too! No delay, no fuss.

Not sure how to register online for your GAAR classes? Click the images below for step-by-step instructions.

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Day 19

Did you know...

GAAR’s online forms can save you gas and time

With GAAR’s online forms, you have access to the documents you need for a seamless transaction. Make changes, additions, and deletions to your office or member account with only a couple of clicks. Then print, fill out, and fax, or scan and email your’s that easy! Go to GAAR and scroll down to membership document forms.

Day 18

Did you know...

You have an alternate Resource and Business Center to augment your primary office space

The GAAR REALTOR® Building offers members access to secure, free Wi-Fi internet connection, computers, designated work and small meeting spaces, as well as plenty of free parking.

When you're on the road with your client and need a quick comp or listing printed out, the GAAR REALTOR® Building may be more convenient than your office. Several computers are available to access MLS data and other pertinent information.

Need a break while showing properties to a client in the area? Go to GAAR to let your client rest for a few minutes and enjoy some coffee or tea. You can schedule in advance to use a designated small meeting space or take advantage of it on a "first come, first served basis."

You can count on friendly, helpful staff to provide you with technical support while using GAAR resources.

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Day 17

Did you know...

GAAR offers training opportunities on Rapattoni, Wyldfyre and Open Lab

Whether you use the Rapattoni system or Wyldfyre/eNeighborhoods in your day to day business Southwest MLS offers several ways to learn and enhance your skills using these programs.

Rapattoni MLS system

  • Online Training Videos at
  • Printable Documentation
  • Feature Spotlights
  • Getting Started Guide

  • Online training videos at
  • Printable Documentation
  • Online Help documents

MLS Open Lab Hours
  • Every Friday from 2:00-4:30pm at the REALTOR® building. These will not be classes but more of an open time where you can get help with your specific questions or technical issues. Support topics include MLS usage, Wyldfyre, Member Website Use, Digital Cameras eKeys and more.

Day 16

Did you know...

GAAR actively promotes the value of using a REALTOR®

REALTOR® promotions are distributed to the community using a variety of communication avenues. For example, you can find them on KOAT Channel 7 and the local Spanish language station, KLUZ. Also, every week, through the Thursday morning KKOB radio interviews, your GAAR President highlights REALTORS® by providing valuable local market information to the community. Additionally, print ads can be viewed in several publications such as the Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque The Magazine.

Being a REALTOR® is an asset, and the community needs to know. Go to GAAR to learn more about the value of using a REALTOR®.

Day 15

Did you know...

GAAR offers online forums

Go to GAAR and join the discussion! When you are logged in to you will be able to access our online forums and stay connected with other members. Have a real estate question? Post it to our "Ask the Experts" section and get answers from your fellow REALTORS®. Need to sell a lockbox? Post it on our "Haves and Want" section to get it sold. You can even post advertisements for your newest listing or an upcoming open house!

Day 14

Did you know...

GAAR maintains a billing calendar on the website for your convenience

Did you know... GAAR maintains a billing calendar on the website for your convenience

This ensures that you always have ready access to the most current information about billing cycles and important payment due dates.

Use this planning tool to prevent any unintended disruption in service. You’ll never have to worry about when MLS or membership renewal fees are due. Just Go to GAAR to view the billing calendar and other important billing information.

Day 13

Did you know...

GAAR provides valuable market reports

Did you know... GAAR provides valuable market reports

SWMLS provides daily, monthly, quarterly and annual market reports to our members and the public. The reports focus primarily on listing and sale activity of residential homes in the Greater Albuquerque Market Areas. Below are some examples of the types of market reports we offer.

  1. Monthly Market Reports: These reports are made available to MLS members and the public on the 10th of each month (business days only) on the Association’s website.

  2. Quarterly/Annual Reports: These reports are made available to members, four times a year, on the 20th of January, April, July and October on the Association’s website.

  3. Area Spotlights: These are mini-reports that focus on one MLS area or a group of similar areas. Basic MLS statistics and area information are presented. New reports are added to the Association’s website at least once every 3-4 weeks.

  4. Jeff’s Number Crunch: These data articles are featured in the REALTOR® Review, a newsletter created by GAAR Association staff. The Number Crunch articles focus on a particular market condition and provide statistics and discussion about the SWMLS listing data.

  5. Daily Actives: Counts of Active listings in the MLS system are updated and posted daily on the Rapattoni MLS home page.

Just Go to GAAR to access all of these valuable reports.

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Sample Market Report Video

Day 12

Did you know...

GAAR keeps you informed

Did you know... GAAR keeps you informed

Go to GAAR to stay up-to-date on the latest REALTOR® news and events In addition to having access to a website rich in content, each Monday you receive the GAAR Bulletin Board (sample), providing timely announcements, reminders, and information about upcoming events and classes.

Monthly, GAAR compiles the REALTOR® Review, which provides topical news on a specific subject, i.e. technology, MLS, professional standards and, recently, an issue filled with fun facts about the Albuquerque metro area.

And, if that isn't enough to satisfy your appetite for the latest information, GAAR also produces a quarterly newsletter, the GAAR Express, which focuses on the accomplishments of REALTORS® and REALTOR® sponsored events. It is available in print form at the REALTOR® Building.

Hopefully, with all of this information at your fingertips, you’ll never waste your valuable time searching for information about your Association and current industry news. Go to GAAR and let these communications help you stay informed and competitive.

Day 11

Did you know...

GAAR has a very active social media presence

There are 430 fans (and counting) that follow your Association’s updates via Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page is updated daily with rich industry content, local Association updates and the latest CE classes. Go to GAAR and find a link to our Facebook page. If you don’t have an account you can have your page up and running in a matter of minutes!

Day 10

Did you know...

GAAR offers state-of-the-art lockbox equipment

GAAR offers you state-of-the-art equipment through GE Interlogix lockboxes. In addition to storing three (3) keys in the lockbox, it can also retain information up to the last 100 accesses. You can store electronic flyers, messages, and the listing agent’s business card, which can then be picked up by listing and/or buyer’s agents. The new lightweight-design lockbox can only be opened by a valid agent key to ensure safety, and it provides a low-battery warning so you are never caught with an inoperative iBox. To find out more about GE Interlogix/Supra iBox, Go to GAAR.

Day 09

Did you know...

GAAR works on your behalf to track and influence legislation that affects the Real Estate industry

To accomplish this, REALTOR® members and staff closely monitor the agendas of local governments to identify proposed legislation that could impact the REALTOR® and private property rights. The Association also prepares and provides testimony to local governments regarding the impact of specific legislation on the housing industry. To increase impact, GAAR actively collaborates with other professional groups and associations that share common interests and needs.

Several of the important issues that the Association has recently followed include:

  • Impact Fees
  • Low Flow Toilets
  • Albuquerque Energy Code
  • Transfer Tax
  • Property Tax Lightning

GAAR regularly posts updated articles and videos to the GAAR website to ensure that members have current information on these important issues, so... Go to GAAR often to stay current and informed.

Day 08

Did you know...

GAAR has a REALTOR® volunteer crew

When you need good people to help, you can contact the REALTOR® volunteer crew. Social consciousness and giving back to the community is important within the REALTOR® family. Improving the quality of life for those who face adversity is a priority for GAAR. In early 2010, the Board of Director’s adopted the REALTOR® POP Program (Promoting Opportunities and Possibilities for Kids in Need), which will fully support Albuquerque Public School’s Title I Homeless Project as its signature charity.

In June, GAAR held an Inaugural Golf Tournament raising $10,000, to donate to APS Title I Homeless Project. GAAR members, with the assistance of Affiliate members and business partners from the community, came together to make this a successful event in an effort to improve the lives of many children within the city.

Looking for other community events to get involved in throughout the year? Many volunteer opportunities are available. You can participate in the Make a Wish Foundation calendar sale during the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October, or ensure the safety of runners and walkers in the annual Run for the Zoo in early May, or assist with the newly created GAAR-nival, benefiting the REALTOR® POP Program and APS Title I Homeless Student Program in July.

Ready to volunteer?. Go to GAAR, fill out the volunteer form and send it in. You will be contacted to assist with upcoming Association events.

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GAAR volunteers work to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation GAAR 2010 Golf Tournament GAAR volunteers help during Run for the Zoo 2010

Day 07

Did you know...

GAAR offers numerous REALTOR® related merchandise

Did you know... GAAR offers numerous REALTOR® related merchandise

By identifying yourself with the REALTOR® REALTOR® logo logo you can pump up your marketing by introducing prospective clients to the importance of working with a REALTOR® rather than a real estate licensee.

The trademark REALTOR® logo is one of the most recognizable logos nationwide; make sure your clients see it! Go to GAAR! Come by the REALTOR® building or look online to check out the merchandise GAAR carries.

Day 06

Did you know...

You can advertise your open houses through the MLS

Did you know... You can advertise your open houses through the MLS

Advertising an open house to the public has changed significantly with the wide adoption of the internet. No longer is a newspaper ad the preferred way to market your open house. More than 80 percent of people start their home buying search on the internet. With that type of home buying audience, the internet is a prime location to market your open house.

How can you get your open house out to hundreds of websites?
Put your open house information in your MLS listing.

When you revise any of your listings you will see a link called "Open House Dates," like the one above. Once you click that link, you will be able to input all of your open house dates, times, and even comments about the open houses you will be holding for that listing. Within 24 hours, your open houses will start appearing on a multitude of websites, including:,,,,,, and many more.

We feed our open house data to hundreds of websites. Don't miss out!!! Input your open houses today!

Day 05

Did you know...

There are more than 60 videos on our website

All of which you can upload to your personal website or real estate blog. These videos have been uploaded thousands of times via our recently created GAAR YouTube channel. You can also Go to GAAR to find out how you can edit, produce and publish your own home video tours by watching educational videos produced by GAAR staff. If you are looking for up to date real estate content to link to your personal website, you can Go to GAAR for the latest news and information from a variety of news sources.

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June 2010 Market Report Video Editing 101 ABQ Chief Public Safety Officer Darren White discusses property crime Tax Lightning Run for the Zoo 2010

Day 04

Did you know...

GAAR offers mediation services at no cost to REALTOR® members

For many reasons, Mediation offers a very attractive process to resolve disputes.

Consider . . .

  • Mediation is cost-effective, timely, confidential, and voluntary!

  • Mediation is a low-risk process, since parties still retain the right to use arbitration and/or the court system if needed.

  • Mediation provides a safe, non-confrontational environment -- unlike a hearing or court process that may be more adversarial.

  • Mediation empowers parties to determine the best resolution to their dispute, rather than having the decision handed down to them by an independent panel or judge.
Mediation is...

But most importantly, through Mediation, parties work together to arrive at mutually agreeable decisions...decisions that may help to positively define their relationship in the future.

Always consider mediation first. It may be all you need to resolve the dispute.

Go to GAAR to learn more about Mediation services.

Day 03

Did you know...

GAAR has a new MLS Data Look-Up Tool

Looking up property information for your listing can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know where to look. SWMLS has created a Data Look-up section in the member’s section of the GAAR website. Go to GAAR to access the tool that provides links to websites and phone numbers and identifies where property information can be found by county.

Here are MLS fields included in the Data-Lookup Tool:

  • MLS Area
  • Zone Atlas
  • Zoning
  • Lot Size
  • Flood Zone
  • Legal Description
  • Taxes
  • UPC code

Day 02

Did you know...

You can get toll-free personal tech support on almost any computer or technology need

1-866-432-3023 / 9AM-5PM / Mon-Friday

You may know that you can get MLS support and Supra support, but did you know we provide a support line for all other types of computer and technology help.

If you need help fixing a computer problem, learning how to use software (MS Word, MS Excel, and many others), using your digital camera, or even setting up your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)… the Tech Helpline is the place to go.

  • No limits on the number of calls or on the length of time per call.
  • Support is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Experienced, reliable, professional and courteous assistance.
  • Assistance in English or Spanish.
  • U.S. based analysts located in Orlando, Florida.
  • Analysts available via live technical support or online chat.

Someone can even log in to your computer remotely and help walk you through, step-by-step, until your issue is resolved.

Don’t miss out!!! Call them today for your technology needs!

NEW! Install the Tech Helpline widget (beta) on your desktop! Click the image below to install.

Click here to install Tech Helpline widget

Day 01

Did you know...

You can save 10% on your Verizon Wireless bill through GAAR

GAAR offers through our benefit provider, Verizon Wireless, a corporate discount of 10% off of monthly access fees and 25% off of accessories? You can choose from several monthly anytime minute plans, which can include talk and/or text.

In addition, various discounts may apply on featured phones. Looking to streamline your life? Check out Supra’s EKEY compatible device sheet to determine which phone may work for you, such as a Blackberry Smartphone and FOB to access lockboxes.

Go to GAAR! to learn more about these offers. Just looks for the icon.

While you're there, check out all the other benefits, too.

What is "Go to GAAR?"

The "Go to GAAR" member site highlights benefits such as REALTOR® promotion, technical support, mediation, and so much more. Check back here everyday for another benefit or resource that is available to you as a member of the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®

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