About the Fund

The REALTOR® Fund is an endowment established in 2011 by the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®.

It provides a permanently sustainable fund to aid in creating adequate housing, building functioning cities, developing productive industries and preserving a healthful environment in Bernalillo, Valencia, Sandoval, and Torrance Counties.

The REALTOR® Fund of the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®: Then, Now, Forever was created to support these lofty core values.

How it Works

REALTORS® have had an integral role in the development of the Greater Albuquerque area for 90 years. Through their dedicated efforts and involvement, REALTORS® have positively influenced the shaping of our neighborhoods and communities. By establishing this endowment fund, REALTORS® demonstrate their ongoing pledge to honor their responsibilities to the community and to express gratitude for a successful real estate industry.

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  • To create a $1 million endowment fund by the 100th Anniversary of the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®.

  • To provide a permanently sustainable source of funds established by REALTORS® that will be available to support the ongoing and changing needs of the community served.

Your support makes a difference

The fund has been seeded with a $90,000 contribution from the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®. The amount was chosen as a symbolic way to honor the 90 presidents who have served the Association through their commitment and leadership since the Association's charter in 1921. The Association leadership hopes you will consider supporting the fund in the future -- your contributions will benefit the real estate industry and the community it serves for years to come.

How will funds be distributed in the community?

The Board of Directors of the Association has appointed and confirmed a grant committee. This prestigious group will review grant requests from charitable organizations and decide on a yearly basis where the funds can be placed for maximum impact.

2012 Gifts to the Community

$1,000 East Mountain High School $1,500 Cuidando Los Niños
$1,000 Valencia County Literacy Council $1,500 All Faiths Receiving Home
$15,000 Title 1: APS Homeless Program $15,000 Title 1: APS Homeless Student

2013 Gifts to the Community

$19,000 APS Title 1 Homeless Project $4,875 El Ranchito de los Niños
$4,225 A New Day Youth & Family Services $3,900 Monzano Mountain Early Learning Center

2013 GAAR Great Grant Giveaway

At the 2013 GAAR/SWMLS Annual Meeting “GAAR Great Grant Giveaway,” where attendees participated in donating grants from the Realtor Fund to local charities. Gifts from the fund were $32,000 for the year. It was created in 2011 with a goal of raising $1 million to be held as an endowment. GAAR has raised money for the Albuquerque Public Schools Title I Homeless Project, El Ranchito de los Niños, Manzano Mountain Early Learning Center and New Day Youth & Family Services.

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Thank you to our donors

  • Anonymous Donor

  • JR Allison, Old Republic Title

  • Valerie Almanzar

  • John Arcidiacono, Stewart Title

  • Kay Azbill

  • Bank of Albuquerque

  • Linda Barton

  • Carol Bernstein

  • Paul Billingham

  • Travis Billingham

  • Barb Blount

  • Frances Boggess

  • Nance Bouchier

  • Michael Bustamante

  • Robin Brule

  • Ann C'De Baca

  • Gerry Caldwell

  • Linda Caldwell

  • Kris Cannaday

  • Richard Cederberg

  • Keith Coulter

  • Murray & Carol Crawford

  • Jean Duran

  • First Mortgage Company

  • Fidelity National Title

  • Mona Ford

  • Frost Mortgage

  • Amy Garcia

  • Margaret Gaulden

  • Eloise Gift

  • Julie Greenwood

  • Marc Guggino

  • Mary Kay Gutierrez

  • Bill Hallett

  • Rosie Harmon

  • Cynthia Harris

  • Bonsal Henry

  • Dianna Johnson

  • Aaron Jordan

  • Ida Kelly

  • Angela Lang

  • Clovis Martin

  • Gary Martinez

  • Janice McCrary

  • Lynda McCutcheon

  • Sue Millspaugh

  • Stephen Montoya

  • Steve Murtha

  • Pamela Nance

  • Ivonne Navarro

  • New Mexico Lenders Association

  • Old Republic Title

  • Q Realty, Inc. - John Kynor

  • Michael & Sandi Novak

  • Reginald Olson

  • Don and Geri Padilla

  • Peter Parnegg

  • Jason Pike

  • James Pitts

  • Estelle Read

  • Christine Remington

  • Jim Salazar

  • Roger Saul

  • Glenn Schwerin

  • Susan Sedoryk

  • Ashley Shaffer

  • Max Sklower

  • Dwight Smith

  • Donna Stark

  • Stewart Title

  • James Sutton

  • Matt Templeton

  • Jack Thompson

  • George Torres

  • JoLynn Torres

  • Alice Tozer

  • Tego Venturi

  • Lori Whitener

  • Paul & Judith Wilson

  • Jasper Woosley

  • A.J. Yarbrough

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