CRS Tax Data

CRS Tax is a MLS program that includes public record, mortgage, and parcel information for the GAAR/SWMLS Service Areas. Users will have access to an additional Tax Info button on your MLS reports and a direct link to CRS.

We welcome additional commitments at any time. If you choose to acquire CRS Tax, your commitment entails:

One-year, non-refundable subscription fee for $180*

Subscription may be canceled at any time, but unused portion of annual subscription fee is non-refundable

Full amount will be collected on an annual basis by SWMLS and remitted to CRS Data

Unpaid invoices are subject to SWMLS collection policies

*The $180 fee is the responsibility of the SWMLS subscriber to pay at the time of the determined billing period, which is the day the CRS Tax button is available in your MLS.