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This section contains documents for local Public Improvement Districts. The "Notice of Information" can be downloaded and attached to your completed disclosure forms.   

Per New Mexico law, prior to accepting an offer to purchase, the seller or listing broker of residential real property that is located in a district established pursuant to the Public Improvement District ("PID") Act ("Act") has an affirmative duty to provide to the buyer of the property a written Notice of Information containing specific information as set forth in the Act.  The required disclosure information can be found under the link entitled "Notice of Information" located next to the name of each PID.  All documents included in the Notice of Information must be provided to the buyer, except as otherwise noted below.

Generally, the first two or three pages of the Notice of Information is a legal description of the PID.  At the bottom of the second page of that disclosure section of the Notice of Information are signature lines for the buyer(s) to acknowledge receipt of  the Notice of Information. The pages that follow are Exhibits to the Notice of Information. NOTE: one of the exhibits following the Notice of Information contains a list of every parcel in the PID.  Brokers/sellers may attach the page on which the parcel number of the subject property is located and omit the other pages. 

For more information on PIDs, see NMAR Form 4500 - Public Improvement District Act Information Sheet.  If you have any questions about the PID documents, please contact the NMAR Legal Hotline.

No guaranty of accuracy or completeness is made on any documents posted on this website, and no obligation to update the information is assumed. 

This information page identifies the name of each PID in Bernalillo County and Sandoval County.  If you have additional questions or need to locate the necessary PID Documents to complete your transactions please contact the NMAR Legal Hotline.



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