NMAR Video: SkySlope Introduction

NMAR is changing forms provider. To ensure you have access to your transaction files during the transition period, we are encouraging members to archive your documents now!

View NMAR Presentation on SkySlope:

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What You Need to Know

SkySlope Forms will replace Transaction Desk as the form provider for NMAR Members.

What will SkySlope Forms provide?

NMAR will provide SkySlope Forms and Skyslope DigiSign as a Member Benefit

What other products does SkySlope Forms offer?

Members have the option to purchase the full suite which includes Compliance and Transaction Management. Stay tuned for details and possible discounts as an NMAR Member.

What are the benefits of SkySlope Forms?
  • Customer Service is offered 24/7
  • A mobile app will be available 
  • Quicker turnaround when new forms are added
  • Transaction management/compliance component available at a discount
When will this occur?

The transition has begun and will take several months.

When will forms be available on SkySlope Forms?

Current forms are being reviewed and sent to SkySlope for integration and access in March 2023.

How much longer can I access Transaction Desk?

Members will cease to have access after Friday, March 31, 2023.

What can I do now to avoid any disruptions to my business?

Archive your forms now. Click here to learn how.

Will Transaction Desk store my documents?

In mid-February, TransactionDesk will have a pop-up that members can click to continue using TransactionDesk to store their documents. Members are encouraged to wait for the pop-up to purchase Document Storage or other upgrades rather than contacting Instanet Customer Service now. 

How will I access forms on SkySlope?

During the initial launch, you will access forms at www.skyslope.com. GAAR & SWMLS are already working on integrating set-up in your Member Portal and Flexmls but don't anticipate those will be available until late Spring to early Summer.

Where can I get more details on SkySlope Forms?
  1.  SkySlope On Your Time Webinar
  2. SkySlope 15-Minute Master Classes
  3. SkySlope Academy Training: https://learn.skyslope.com/
  4. Setup Transaction Coordinator Access