Supra System Issues: Showing Notification Emails & Battery Life Readings

Supra is currently experiencing isolated issues with the Supra System which may affect emailed showing notifications and, separately, battery life readings. Supra is aware of these issues and actively working to resolve them.
Showing Notification Emails and Other Reporting
In some cases, Supra is experiencing issues with email notifications of showing activity and emailing reports from SupraWEB. They recommend that keyholders view showing notifications and activity either within SupraWEB or the eKEY app. Click here to view a helpful how-to video for using the showing notifications feature in eKEY.
iBox BT LE Battery Reading
In some cases, the iBox BT LE inaccurately displays 0% battery in the eKEY app, SupraWEB, and SupraNET. While Supra is working on a solution, they have made a change in eKEY to minimize confusion so that keyholders will see “N/A” instead of 0% battery. SupraWEB and SupraNET will continue to show 0% battery. This is not an indication that key boxes need to be replaced.

Be assured that Supra is working to identify solutions for these issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. We will keep you updated on any changes and when these issues are resolved.

If you have any questions, please contact Supra Technical Support at 877-699-6787.

We appreciate your patience. Thank you.