Become proficient in “Coming Soon”


A brand-new status, Coming Soon, is now available in Flexmls to SWMLS Participants and Subscribers.

With Coming Soon, listing brokers can enter listing information into Flexmls up to fourteen (14) days in advance of the listing becoming Active. This allows Coming Soon listings to be promoted to all SWMLS Particpants and Subscribers while the property is being prepared for full Active status. Buyer's  brokers will also have the ability to share listing information with clients.

Read on for more information about Coming Soon!

How to enter a Coming Soon listing

  • When in Flexmls, hover over Add/Change and select Add Listing
  • Choose the property Property Type, Listing/Co-listing Member(s), and enter the Address information as per usual
  • Under Main Fields, click the drop-down for Status and select Coming Soon
    • The Public Active Date is the date that the listing will be made Active by the system and fully marketed via IDX and syndication per the listing's Export selections.  This is NOT the date that the Coming Soon marketing begins internally within the MLS. Use On Market Date (below) as the beginning date for the Coming Soon marketing period. Days On Market begin accruing on the Public Active Date.
    • The On Market Date (for Coming Soon listings) is the date the listing is entered as Coming Soon in the MLS, and 'Coming Soon' marketing may begin for a period of up to 14 days. This date represents the beginning of the Coming Soon marketing period. The listing will only be visible internally within the MLS to Participants and Subscribers. Days On Market will not begin accruing until the listing is made Active, either by the system on the Public Active Date, or the listing broker makes the listing Active prior to the Public Active Date.
    • The Listing Contract Date is the date the Listing Contract was signed and agreed upon by the seller and the listing broker.

Coming Soon - Rules

  • Short-term status when preparing a property for active status.
  • Allows a property with a listing agreement in effect to be displayed within the MLS to Participants/ Subscribers prior to being made Active.
  • Indicates that the Listing Broker and the seller are preparing the property for Active status, and is intended to notify other Participants/Subscriber of a property that will be made fully available to the public once preparations have been completed.
  • May be used for up to fourteen (14) days prior to the listing being made Active by the Participant/Subscriber, and listing information entered in the MLS must meet all requirements of an Active listing, except for a photo.
  • If the listing is not made Active by the Participant/Subscriber within fourteen (14) days, it will automatically be made Active by the system on day fifteen (15).
  • The property may not be relisted in this status until the listing has been Withdrawn or Expired from the MLS for ninety (90) days.
  • If a listing is being promoted, advertised or marketed as Coming Soon, the listing must be entered into the MLS within forty-eight (48) hours.
  • Any promotion, advertising, or marketing of a listing in this status must be noted as ‘Coming Soon’, including a ‘Coming Soon’ rider on any signs.
  • Any promotion, advertising or marketing of a property in this status, other than as ‘Coming Soon’, will disqualify the property from using this status.

Coming Soon - FAQ's

Do I have to enter a listing as Coming Soon?

Only if the property is being marketed prior to Active status. The decision to use Coming Soon remains one to be made between the listing broker and their seller.  If the property is being marketed or promoted outside the MLS, it must be entered and compensation offered. Examples of marketing include yard signs, social media posts or ads, website listings (Zillow, Craigslist or broker websites), etc.

Can I enter a property as Coming Soon in the MLS even if I am not marketing it yet?

Yes. Entering a Coming Soon listing in the SWMLS allows other subscribers to view the property’s information and share it with their clients prior to the listing reaching full Active status.

Can I market and promote Coming Soon properties?

Yes! One of the main reasons Coming Soon status was added to the SWMLS was to allow subscribers to pre-market properties and create interest prior to full Active status. The Coming Soon status may indicate that the listing broker and the seller are preparing the property for sale, but it is not yet ready for full Active marketing. 

How long can a property be in the MLS as Coming Soon?

14 days. The listing broker can change the listing to Active, Withdrawn or Cancelled at any time prior to the 14 days.

Can the timeframe of 14 days be extended?

No. Coming Soon is a short-term status to be used while making final preparations to make the property Active. If it is expected that the listing may take longer than the time allowed for Coming Soon status, the listing broker may consider waiting until 14 days prior to the ‘expected’ Active date. 

What information must be entered for a Coming Soon listing?

The same as Active, aside from a photo. The required photo is NOT required during the Coming Soon period. The photo rule will apply when the listing is made Active.

Can I add Virtual Tours and Videos to Coming Soon listings?


As the Listing Broker, do I need to allow the property to be shown?

No. Showing Instructions are decided by the listing broker and their seller.

As a Buyer’s Broker, can I show a Coming Soon property?

A property in Coming Soon status is not required to be shown. Check the Showing Instructions specified by the listing broker in the SWMLS.

Who can access Coming Soon Listings?

All SWMLS Participants and Subscribers will be able to search and view Coming Soon listings.

Can I share Coming Soon property details with my clients?

Yes. Participants and Subscribers will be able to share Coming Soon listing information with clients via email, print, PDF, etc.

Are Coming Soon Listings displayed or syndicated outside of the MLS (ListHub, IDX,, Zillow, or any other public facing service)?

No. Coming Soon listing information is exclusive to SWMLS subscribers. Listing information will be made available to the public once the listing is made Active.

Do listings in Coming Soon status require a listing agreement?

Most definitely.

May I write an offer on a listing in Coming Soon status?

SWMLS Rules and Regulations do not prohibit a buyer from making an offer, or the listing broker from presenting an offer to the seller.

How is Days on Market calculated?

Days on Market is calculated beginning on the Public Active Date, when the listing is made Active, either by the system or the listing broker.