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GAAR Staff

Photo of Kent Cravens

Kent Cravens

Chief Executive Officer
E-mail | 505-724-3481

Photo of Laura Abascal

Laura Abascal

Executive Administrator
E-mail | 505-724-3487

Photo of Gabe Baca

Gabe Baca

Videographer/Facility Coordinator
E-mail | (505) 724-3471

Photo of Mckenna Benegas

Mckenna Benegas

MLS Coordinator
E-mail | (505) 724-3499

Photo of Nathan Brooks

Nathan Brooks

Chief Operating Officer
E-mail | 505-724-3476

Photo of Claire Conrad

Claire Conrad

Professional Development Coordinator
E-mail | 505-724-3477

Photo of Tammi Delgado

Tammi Delgado

Member Support Coordinator
E-mail | (505) 724-3462

Photo of Jane Fertig

Jane Fertig

Professional Standards Coordinator
E-mail |

Photo of Nick Fowler

Nick Fowler

Chief Financial Officer
E-mail | 505-724-3463

Photo of Richard Gibbens

Richard Gibbens

MLS Director
E-mail |

Photo of Laura Harris

Laura Harris

Marketing, Communications & Outreach Manager
E-mail | (505) 724-3461

Photo of Melody Mar

Melody Mar

Director of Professional Standards
E-mail | 505-724-3466

Photo of Julian Nunez

Julian Nunez

Digital Marketing & Content Specialist
E-mail | 505-724-3483

Photo of Estrella Quinonez

Estrella Quinonez

Professional Development Coordinator
E-mail | (505) 724-3468

Photo of Adrian Reyes

Adrian Reyes

MLS Coordinator
E-mail | 505-724-3485

Photo of Natasha Rodriguez

Natasha Rodriguez

Member Support Coordinator
E-mail | (505) 724-3467

Photo of Emy Saavedra

Emy Saavedra

Member Support Manager
E-mail | 505-724-3472

Photo of Marcella Saavedra

Marcella Saavedra

Member Support Coordinator
E-mail | 505-724-3460