Thank a Veteran!

Veterans Day became an Official US National Holiday in 1938. It pays Tribute to ALL American Veterans, living or dead. The Military men and women who have served our country come from all walks of life and are an important part of our communities!

We have several who are also an important part of the Albuquerque Real Estate Community. Here are a few of our members who have served! 

Veteran Branch/Title Years Served
Adrian Reyes Navy Fire Controlman, Army Infantry Soldier, State's Honor Guard 7 years and is still serving
Ambrose Chavez Army SP/4 A Co. 293d Eng Bn 1971-1973
Antonio Olmi USAF Transportation Specialist 1961-1966
Aturo Espino US Army Reserve, Infantry Platoon Leader, Quartermaster Officer and NCO 20 years
Bill Elliott Air Force, Staff Sergeant, Communications Security 1965-1971
David Steele Airman 1955-1959
David Wagner US Air Force Staff Sergeant 1977-1985
Dennis Fish Staff Sergeant Air Force Avionics/Navigations Technician FB-111 1969-1973
Donald Wagstaff USAF Administrative Officer, Assistant Inspector General 377th Airbase Wing 20 years
Eric E. Eichwald SP4 US Army 1960-1963
Lee Huntzinger Navy Lieutenant, Naval Flight Officer 1985-1992
Matthew Ortiz Corporal United States Marine Corps 1833 Amphibious Assault 3rd AAV BN 1992-1996
Michelle Moore Senior Airman USAF 7 years
Nathan Brooks US Air Force Firefighter 1994-1997
Paul Wilson Lieutenant Colonel Marine Corps Pilot 1968-1992
Scott Albright USMC 0331 Infantry Machine Gunner 1st Batallion 4th Marines, Combat Replacement Team 2000-2004
Wallace Payne Naval Reserve Machinest USS Kawishiw AO-146 1971-1977
Walter Olson US Navy AT2 Second Class Petty Officer 1976-1982


Thank you for your service!