Flood Relief - Albuquerque REALTORS® need to take Action!

Albuquerque REALTORS®, Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Texas shows us why it is so vital that we answer NAR's Call for Action to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program. Only 15% of homeowners in the Harvey Flood area have flood insurance. If the National Flood Insurance Program is allowed to expire on September 30, 2017, those few that have flood insurance may not receive their flood relief benefits. We cannot allow this to happen. Aside from the devastation that Harvey has done, another reason to answer this Call for Action is that this could affect up to 40,000 Real Estate transactions a month until it is reauthorized, this includes transactions in New Mexico. 

It is vital that you answer NAR's Call for Action now! Click the button below to act:

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To help those in need that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, the REALTOR® Relief Foundation is collecting donations. Click here to donate.


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For more information on Local, State and National reasons why Albuquerque REALTORS® need to act now click here. 

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Click here to listen to NAR's Webinar on Flood Insurance

For details on the legislation click here.

If you have questions about the legislation contact Austin Perez aperez@realtors.org

If you have questions about the Call for Action contact John DiBiase jdibiase@realtors.org