NAR 2018 Spring Legislative Recap Video Series

Danny Wm. Vigil interviewed board members attending the May legislative sessions on Captial Hill.  Hear what they had to say:

Video 1 of 10:  "Celebration of the Fair Housing Act" with Danny Wm. Vigil


Video 2 of 10:  "Impact on New Mexico" with Kent Cravens and Steve Anaya


Video 3 of 10:  "Changes to Improve Professionalism" with Cathy Colvin


Video 4 of 10:  "Legislative Highlights" with John Lopez


Video 5 of 10:  "SWMLS Coming Soon Policy" with Alice Tozer and Hubert Hill


Video 6 of 10:  "What the Heck is an FPC?" with Cathy Olson


Video 7 of 10:  "Committee Updates" with Paul Wilson


Video 8 of 10:  "Women's Council of REALTORS®" with Rachel Flance and Meghan Tate


Video 9 of 10:  "CRS Change to RRC" with Susan Sedoryk


Video 10 of 10:  Coming Soon