Your Vote is Critical on November 6th

With less than a week to go until the General Election, we wanted to remind you that your vote is critical. The RECPAC Board of Trustees interviewed candidates and endorsed those deemed REALTOR® Champions. As advocates for REALTORS® we are not concerned about party affiliation but instead focus on finding REALTOR® Champions who will make themselves available to work with us to preserve property rights and promote homeownership. 

We are pleased to make the following candidate recommendations for your consideration on Election Day (the NM Senate is not up for re-election this cycle):

To locate your candidate in your district, search your address at this link:

NM House of Representatives

Name                                                       District                                                                     

Kelly Fajardo (R)                                        7

Alonzo Baldonado (R)                             8

G. Andres Romero (D)                          10

Javier Martinez (D)                                11

Patricio Ruiloba (D)                               12

Brad Winter (R)                                       15

Antonio “Mo” Maestas (D)                16

Deborah Armstrong (D)                     17

Gail Chasey (D)                                        18

Gregg Schmedes (R)                              22

Daymon Ely (D)                                        23

Jimmie Hall (R)                                         28

David Adkins (R)                                     29

John Jones (R)                                          30

William “Bill” Rehm (R)                       31

Jane Powdrell-Culbert (R)               44

Gail Armstrong (R)                               49

Jason Harper (R)                                    57

Tim Lewis (R)                                           60

To find your commissioner in your county, search by address at this link:

Bernalillo Co. Commission Dist. 5: James Smith (R)
Bernalillo Co. Assessor: Tanya Giddings (D)

Sandoval Co. Commission Dist. 3: Kathleen Colley (DTS)
Sandoval Co. Assessor: Christie Humphrey (R)

For early voting locations and times, click:

Congratulations to these candidates who’ve earned the faith and confidence of the REALTOR® community.