Clear the Confusion (CORE ELECTIVE)

4 CE (Education)

Clear the Confusion: Offers (Counters, Multiples, Contingencies etc)

This 4 hour continuing education evening class addresses the complexities and misunderstandings that brokers encounter when dealing with offer acceptance and deadlines, counteroffers, multiple offers, contingent offers, back up offers and more. 

This class will address the following issues:   

How do we handle multiple offers?    

What happens when our buyer or seller withdraws an offer?  

What happens when our buyer or seller withdraws an acceptance?  

How should we handle contingency offers?   

How should we handle back-up offers? 

Students will increase their familiarity with the RANM 5103 (Invitation to Offer), RANM 1503 (Back Up Purchase Agreement), RANM 2503 (Buyer Sale Contingency) and RANM 2503A (Buyer Closing and Funding Contingency).


Thursday, September 20, 2018
1:00pm - 5:00pm


GAAR REALTOR® Building (Map it)


$40 GAAR REALTOR® Member Price
$60 Non-GAAR REALTOR® Member Price


Rich Cederberg