Coffee with APD Officers on Friday, September 27th

This casual networking event offers REALTORS® an opportunity to discuss concerns and ideas on how to improve the community with Laura Kuehn, APD Crime Prevention Specialist and other law enforcement officers. Learn what law enforcement is doing to keep our community safe. Get to know how neighborhoods are managed by local officers.

Coffee with a Cop
Date: Friday, September 27th
Time:  9:00 am - 10:30 am
Location: GAAR REALTOR® Building
Cost: Free  (limited attendance)

Laura Kuehn, APD Crime Prevention/Crime Free Programs
Kuehn has been employed with the Albuquerque Police Department since 1997 as a Crime Prevention Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, a Supplementary Degree in Law and Society and Minors in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Laura is designated by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners as an International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS); she is certified as a National Crime Prevention Specialist (NCPS) by the National Crime Prevention Association.

Laura received training in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design from the University of Louisville. She is a certified instructor through the International Crime Free Programs Association. Laura is charged with developing and conducting community training and outreach programs for apartment communities, neighborhood associations, and businesses. She acts as a liaison between the Police Area Command and the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program and coordinates and maintains data for the property manager and resident education programs. Laura must establish and maintain relationships between property managers, police officers, and area command staff. She conducts Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) security surveys and advises property owners/managers of CPTED applicability to their properties. She also develops implements and manages a variety of crime prevention services; conducts nation-wide research of other crime prevention and community-based programs and assists in assessing the crime prevention needs of the City.

Ms. Kuehn is responsible for promoting and maintaining contacts with the community; identifying areas of concern, designing and implementing instructional courses to address specific community needs. She schedules and coordinates various public meetings, programs, seminars, and other functions. Laura must disseminate crime prevention materials and other relevant information to individuals, businesses, and other public groups; promote and coordinate specific activities within crime prevention programs; prepare marketing materials including news releases, flyers, schedules of events and brochures. She also analyzes statistical crime data and prepares related reports and recommendations.