Consumer Housing Trends Report, Zillow and NMMLS

Dear Real Estate Brokers,

Last week, the New Mexico MLS attended the Zillow MLS Forum.  While Zillow is best known for tracking the value of homes with their Zestimate®, they have partnered with MLSs nationwide for the most accurate data and listing information. 

At the Zillow MLS Forum, the Zillow Group presented their first Annual Consumer Housing Trends Report.  This Report is probably one of the most comprehensive research studies ever done about home buyers, sellers, owners and renters. 

The New Mexico MLS would like to share the Consumer Housing Trends Report with you. For your copy, go to

With over 160 questions answered by over 13,200 homeowners, sellers, buyers and renters, the CHTR paints an impressive picture of all the people involved in the process of deciding where to live.

Did you know half of all buyers are under the age of 36?  And over 47% are first-time buyers?  Yes, the Millennial generation is here and driving more of the housing market than was previously understood. 

Did you know more than a third of all renters are looking for a place that allows pets?  This is more important to them than their commute time.

Did you know that buyers aren’t replacing the expertise of real estate brokers with online research?  But they are doing a tremendous amount of research online before engaging an agent.  And did you know, that those who start their home searches online are actually more likely to use a broker than other buyers.

The Consumer Housing Trends Report sheds light on large demographic trends as well as tracking economic and social trends. It is a deep look about how buyers and sellers approach decisions from finding a lender to remodeling the kitchen.

As a real estate professional, within the report, you’ll find rich insights to help build your business and serve your clients.  As an appraiser, you find plenty of fodder for tracking home values. 

For your own report, please go to and download your copy today!


Dawne Armstrong

2017 New Mexico MLS President

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