Emergency rule requires employers to report positive COVID-19 cases

Environment Department files an emergency amendment to require employers to disclose positive COVID-19 cases to the state. 

Today, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) filed an emergency rule that requires employers to report positive COVID-19 cases to NMED within four hours of being notified of the case.

The employer must notify NMED by email at:  NMENV-OSHA@state.nm.us
If unable to email, the employer may report by phone or fax at:

  • Phone: (505) 476-8700
  • Fax: (505) 476-8734

 The emergency amendment goes into effect today and will remain in effect for no more than 120 days unless NMED proposes and the Environmental Improvement Board adopts a permanent rule prior to the end of the 120-day period.
By requiring employers to report positive cases in a timely manner, the state will be able to more rapidly respond to workplaces, providing immediate guidance and support to employers and preventing the spread of COVID-19 beyond the infected employees.

Information about the emergency rule is available on the NMED COVID-19 resources webpage: https://www.env.nm.gov/nmed-resources-for-covid-19/
You may also contact NMED’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau by phone at 505-476-8700 or by email at NMENV-OSHA@state.nm.us for additional information