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The GAAR Members Group is a private, REALTOR®-only group set up to facilitate conversation amongst GAAR members and staff.  The mission of this group is to support GAAR REATLORS® by creating an online community space for us to share answers, ideas, and solutions that are relevant to your work and help support the real estate industry.

Join the group today and take part in valuable, daily group discussions, such as:

  • MLS practices in regards to new NAR policies and their impact on you
  • Insights on how to use all the tools available in FlexMLS
  • Zillow's purchase of Trulia and what this means for your work in the future
  • How to leverage RPR in FlexMLS to get the most accurate property data
  • How to access quality school reports

You'll also have access to:

  • In-depth tips and walkthroughs for FlexMLS
  • Answers to your questions about products and services supported by GAAR
  • Alerts on changes happening in the real estate industry

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