Premium Sponsor Commitments Due Monday, December 2nd!

GAAR has many sponsor opportunities throughout the year but the Premium Packages are discounted and most coveted. In an effort to make the process fair, please note the following procedure and deadlines.

November 13th: Sponsor packet was emailed to GAAR REALTORS® and Affiliates. 

December 2nd by 5 pm: Sponsor Commitment Form is due for the top three Premium Packages; Diamond (1) and Platinum (2). Please include your second choice. Email form to

December 3rd:  In the event of multiple commitments for the top three Premium Packages, GAAR will hold a random drawing for the Diamond (1) and Platinum (2) Packages and the winning sponsors will be contacted. Winners will have first right of refusal. Those not selected will be given the option to choose their second choice or any other package prior to GAAR's acceptance of other sponsors.

December 9th: All Sponsorship Packages are open and awarded on a first-come basis.

December 31st:  Payment is due for Diamond (1) and Platinum (2) Premium Packages.

January 31, 2020:  Payment is due for all other sponsor commitments.

Click to view the 2020 GAAR SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE

Sponsorship questions?
Contact Laura A. at 505-842-1433 or