RECORDING: Join the NAR Conversation

Catching up with the NAR Settlement? Find out what you need to know.

We have collected  a top-notch panel, questions, and important information on a  topic weighing heavily on every broker's mind - the NAR Settlement. This is your opportunity to understand the sweeping changes and how they will impact you and your clients. The recording  of the discussion, slide presentation, and handout are all available below.

First Wednesday 
Join the NAR Conversation
Wednesday, June 5th

GAAR Auditorium
  • Staying Compliant
    Understanding the Antitrust Policy to ensure you and your business practices remain compliant.
  • NAR Settlement 101
    A brief review of what it is, why it happened, and what it means for you.
  • Your FAQs
    Submit your questions in advance to get the clarity you need.
  • Settlement News: True or False?
    Dispel myths and confirm facts. This interactive segment will help you separate truth from misinformation.
  • MLS Rule Changes
    Know what adjustments are coming and how to adapt.
  • Key Dates and Deadline
    Ensure you’re prepared for each phase of the transition.
  • NAR Membership Benefits
    Learn the value and support NAR continues to provide.
Your Panelists:
  • Morgan Cannaday, 2024 GAAR President
  • Chris Shain Tanner, GAAR President-elect
  • Bridget Gilbert, NAR Director
  • Tego Venturi, SWMLS Past President
  • Richard Gibbens, SWMLS Executive Director
  • Kent Cravens, GAAR CEO (Moderator)




Download and print handout on 11x17 (Tabloid)


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