Kurstin Johnson is a Good Neighbor
The Good Neighbor Program annually honors individuals who exemplify the spirit of community service, committing their time, resources, and energy to better the lives of others.

This year, we shine a spotlight on REALTOR® Kurstin Johnson, who was bestowed the GAAR Good Neighbor Award.

Kurstin has been a beacon of support for the Heart Gallery of New Mexico, a non-profit that champions the cause of hard-to-place foster children. Her contributions extend beyond significant financial support; she also imparts crucial life skills through her financial literacy classes aimed at foster youth on the brink of adulthood.

To date, Kurstin's dedication has empowered over 100 youth, equipping them with the essential tools to craft a stable financial future—managing budgets, saving wisely, and navigating the complexities of debt.

Thank You, Kurstin, for making our community a better place to live.
Ways You Can Help
  1. Consider Attending or Sponsoring the Heart Gallery Gala on Friday, August 16th
  2. View Volunteer Programs
  3. Make an Online Donation

Are You A Good Neighbor? 

Every October, the GAAR Good Neighbor Awards are open to all GAAR members, both REALTOR® and Affiliates with up to five recipients selected to receive a $1,000 grant for their charity and then who are featured in GAAR's consumer outreach campaign. The grants are provided by the REALTOR® Fund.