Listing Changes 101

Do you know the difference between an On-Market or Off-Market Listing, and that you can't edit Off-Market Listings?   What do you do if you enter the wrong Listing Date and need to change it?  Entered too many Zeroes in the Sale Price? Take a moment to review some of the common listing change requests that GAAR receives and the best ways you can go about changing that listing.     

On Market Status – Active, Pending, Pending Please Show, and Withdrawn listings.  Changes to On Market listings can be made by the Listing Agent, Co-Listing Agent, Qualifying Broker or Admin Assistant at that office at any time.   There are two fields (Listing Date, Original List Price) on an On Market listing that are not editable and would need GAAR support to make the change.

Off Market Status – Closed, Expired, and Cancelled listings.  Changes to Off Market listings can only be made by GAAR support staff.  This includes removal of documents/photos and any changes to data and text fields.  Basic changes like adding a comment to the remarks or removingowner phone information can be requested by email by the listing agent.  Changes to Sales information, Status and date fields may need to be requested by sending in specific documents to GAAR support staff.

Here is a list of the common changes requests GAAR receives, with an explanation on how you make the change.

  • Active Listings. (Entered wrong Listing Date) Send in 1st and Last Page of Listing Agreement to GAAR.
  • Expired Listings.  (Want to make listing back Active)  Send in copy of Extension Agreement to GAAR or use Copy listing function.
  • Cancelled Listings.  (Need to remove owner name and phone #).  Email from Listing Agent or QB. 
  • Closed Listings.   (Entered too many zeroes in the Sale Price). Send in a copy of the Purchase Agreement to GAAR.
  • Closed Listings. (Change Selling Member Name to a Team.) Send in a copy of the Purchase Agreement to GAAR or an email from the QB at the listing office.
  • Off Market Listings.  (Revise or add comments to the Marketing or LOSO Remarks.) Email from Listing Agent or QB.
  • Off Market Listings.  (Accidently cancelled the wrong listing.)  To restore a cancelled listing to Active status we ask that you send in a copy of the 1st and Last Page of the Listing Agreement.