MLS listing tips: Reporting pool information

A common listing input error that is reported by MLS users is for the Private Pool field. The Cabezon community is an area where we find a high number of reports of incorrect pool fields. Here are the MLS definitions of our two pool fields. Please take a moment to refresh yourself with them.

There are two separate fields that identify pool details on a Residential home for sale: Private Pool and HOA Community Pool. Private Pool is found in the Main fields section while the HOA community pool option is in the Details section. The Private Pool field was added in 2014 and we are working on educating on proper use of the new field several times a year.

Private Pool – This YES/NO field identifies if there is a private pool located on the premises. This could include an indoor or outdoor pool on site. This field is not to be used to identify a public pool or a pool that is only accessible through HOA membership.

Photo: Pool in backyard

Community Pool – This field is included as an HOA field for identifying features included with HOA membership as part of homeownership. A community pool marked as an HOA feature would mean that access to the pool is only available as part of the HOA membership. A listing that has marked HOA = NO would not be able to select Community Pool. A common association that pool information is found to be incorrect is with Cabezon. The pool in the Cabezon community is a public pool and is available to anyone regardless of HOA membership.    

Photo: Community pool

Identifying that the property has both a Private Pool and HOA community pool should only be used for properties that are including two separate pools included in the sale. A public pool in the area could not be identified using either the Private Pool or HOA community pool fields. If you are currently reporting a community pool that is not a private or HOA pool then you are encouraged to update your listings to ensure accurate information is reported. Cabezon is a community in Rio Rancho that includes a public pool and should not be marked as HOA community or private pool.