NAR to phase in DEI & Fair Housing Requirements

NAR’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy includes an “Executive Commitment Pillar” to ensure that NAR leadership is educated on DEI. 

To meet that objective, NAR began requiring Committee Liaisons, Executive Committee Members, Regional Vice Presidents, and the Leadership Team to complete DEI Training.  To continue to prioritize and expand DEI into our association structures, NAR has issued new requirements for all Association Directors to be phased in.

GAAR Director Requirement Effective 2024

All GAAR Directors serving in 2024 will be required to complete three programs as a performance expectation by May 1, 2024:

  1. At Home With Diversity, a course to help real estate professionals work successfully in an increasingly diverse marketplace
  2. Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing, a course to help real estate professionals identify and interrupt stereotypical thinking to avoid fair housing pitfalls
  3. Fairhaven, an online fair housing simulation

Beginning in 2025, completion of the programs will be a qualification for serving as a GAAR Board of Director.

GAAR Member Requirement Effective 2025

Beginning in 2025, every REALTOR® member will be required to complete approved Fair Housing training for a minimum of 2 CE. This requirement will sync with the three-year Code of Ethics cycle (January 1, 2025 - December 31, 2027).

REALTOR® members who have completed Fair Housing training as a requirement of membership in another association shall not be required to complete additional Fair Housing training until a new three-year cycle commences.

Failure to satisfy the required periodic Fair Housing training shall be considered a violation of a membership duty. Failure to meet the requirement in any three-year cycle will result in suspension of membership for the first two months (January and February) of the year following the end of any three-year cycle or until the requirement is met, whichever occurs sooner. On March 1 of that year, a member who is still suspended as of that date will be automatically terminated.

For more on basic DEI concepts, click here.