Needed: 112 State Political Coordinators

NMAR is looking for a few good men and women for an exclusive and prestigious opportunity to work with your New Mexico State Legislator to guide the REALTOR® agenda in Santa Fe.

Minimum Requirements for SPC Selection:

  1. Must be a member of the New Mexico Association of REALTORS®
  2. Must be a contributor to RPAC-NM.
  3. Complete and submit application.
  4. Be willing to serve a term that corresponds to the elected term of their assigned official.
  5. Participate in training session (Zoom Conference) - date TBD.
  6. Meet all the “responsibilities” of the SPC (see State Political Coordinator Responsibilities).
  7. Become a registered volunteer lobbyist. New Mexico law requires all persons attempting to influence legislation on behalf of an organization to register. The New Mexico Association of REALTORS® will provide SPCs with the proper applications and will submit the applications on behalf of the applicants to the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office.

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