Podcast: What’s at Stake in the Sitzer/Burnett Trial
NAR is defending buyer representation and the American MLS model, which are being challenged in two class-action antitrust lawsuits.

The first case in Kansas City, Mo., known as Sitzer/Burnett, is happening now. And the outcome could have a lasting impact on the way real estate professionals and transactions operate.

Hear the critical details of the case, as well as potential outcomes, from NAR Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson in a special episode of the "Drive With NAR" podcast. Marki Lemons Ryhal, host of “Drive With NAR: The REALTOR® to REALTOR® Series,” is a managing broker, bestselling author and national speaker with more than 30 years of marketing experience. She aims to change the industry conversation through the podcast to benefit you and your clients. 

Burnett Trial Updates

Jury selection is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 16, and opening statements are scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 17.

NAR Position: In response to the marketplace, NAR has developed guidance for local MLS broker marketplaces that supports consumers getting comprehensive, equitable, transparent and reliable home information while brokerages of any size, service or pricing model get a fair shot at competing. The result is an efficient model for brokers to serve sellers and buyers and to enable market-driven pricing and buyer representation for consumers. REALTORS® adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and bring incredible expertise to guide consumers through the financial, legal and community complexities of buying or selling a home.