REALTOR® Safety Reminder: Trust Your Instincts!

REALTORS® are reminded to make their personal safety a daily priority. Being aware of potential dangers, taking precautions, and not being afraid to exit an uncomfortable situation is key to staying safe and empowering your well-being.

When meeting with an unknown buyer or seller, some recommended safety precautions include:
  • Have copies of their identification on file.
  • Research the person and property address online.
  • Take a colleague with you.
  • Let someone know who, where you will be, and the expected timeline.
  • Share your location with someone.
  • If you are first to enter a property, know where the exits are and unlock them in advance.
  • Park your vehicle on the street (never in a driveway) where it could be blocked.
  • If a client locks the door after you arrive, make an excuse to leave ASAP.
  • Never let a client walk behind you (or even within arm’s length.)
  • Do not walk into bedrooms, basements, or spaces where you could be confined. Allow them enter first and stay in the doorway.
  • Trust your instincts and if you feel uncomfortable – cancel an appointment or leave.
  • Always carry your cell phone and have it ready to call your emergency contact or 911 if necessary.
  • Report any unusual encounters to your QB and office.
  • Don’t hesitate to call the authorities if warranted.

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