Searching with CRS Tax Search

CRS Tax is the free tool that allows SWMLS members to access tax and mortgage informaiton for MLS listings AND any address in our market areas.   CRS offers a separate property search tool to access all public records in our market areas.   

How to Use the CRS Property Search

  1. Select the County where your subject property is located.
  2. Search for the property using the Owner's Last Name and/or the Street and/or Subdivision and/or the Parcel Identification Number (ID).  Use the Owner's First Initial or Street Number to narrow down the search.  The less information you enter in the search fields, the more search options will return (properties to choose from).
  3. Select the correct property from the list that returns from your search.

TIP:  You can search by all or part of the information in any of the fields on Property Search.  Entering only part of the name will produce more results for all names beginning with that letter string.

Wildcards can also be used in these fields.  Entering a "%" in front of a letter will produce results that contain that letter anywhere in the name. (e.g., entering "%wood" will bring back Woodlawn as well as Birchwood).


By Owner Lase Name – Garcia
By Owner First Name – Juan

By Street Number – 317
By Street Name - Candelaria

By Subdivision - Monkbridge

By Parcel ID - 101406038612741001