SWMLS Common Q & A

The SWMLS Help Desk has put together a short list of our most common questions we get each week. Please take a moment to learn the answers to 5 of the most common calls we receive.

1.   Resetting the DOM or CDOM on a listing

A listing that has been Active in the MLS for 30 days will show to have 30 DOM. If that same property had 70 DOM from a previous listing, then the current listing will show 100 CDOM: combining the 70 DOM from the previous listing and the 30 DOM from the current listing.

The number of days that a property is on the market can have a major effect on a buyer's offer. Seeing a large DOM can often lead buyers to make low offers; what's more, buyers might assume there is something wrong with the property.

How to reset DOM to zero:

Creating a new listing number for a particular property will reset the DOM to zero. To do this, you would cancel the original listing and re-enter or copy that listing in the MLS. The Southwest Multiple Listing Service (SWMLS) advises to only cancel a listing if valid documents are in place (i.e.; Termination Agreement, New Listing Contract, etc.). If you are the "new" listing broker for the property, then the listing will begin with 0 DOM.

How to reset CDOM to zero:

Creating a new listing number for a particular property after 30 days of that property's previous listings being Cancelled or Expired in the MLS will reset the CDOM to zero. On the 31st day of a listing being in Cancelled or Expired status, you can create a new listing number for the same property, and the new listing will begin with 0 CDOM. If you are the "new" listing broker for the property and do not wait the full 30 days before listing the property in the MLS, then your listing may show several CDOM.

SWMLS does not advise the deliberate practice of modifying the listing address or UPC code in order to "trick" the system into resetting the CDOM. Potential misuse in this regard may result in an excessive fine.

2.   Change the dates on a Coming Soon Listing

The Coming Soon End Date is the date that the listing will be made Active by the system and fully marketed via IDX and syndication per the listing's Export selections. This is NOT the date that the Coming Soon marketing begins internally within the MLS. Use On Market Date (below) as the beginning date for the Coming Soon marketing period. Days On Market begin accruing on the Coming Soon End Date.

The Coming Soon End Date on a Coming Soon listing is NOT editable by the Listing Agent. SWMLS Help Desk will need to make changes to your Coming Soon End Dates and will require a copy of the paperwork that shows the date the seller authorized to make the listing Active.

3.   Getting an expired listing back on market

If a listing is expired and there is a signed extension agreement, then the same listing can be reactivated in the MLS. The SWMLS Help Desk will need to work with your office to make the expired listing back Active. A copy of the listing extension or addendum can be sent to mls@gaar.com and the listing will be made back Active within 24-48 hours.

4.   Unable to schedule ShowingTime on a For Sale listing

If you are trying to use ShowingTime on an Active listing and it is not an option it is possible that the listing agent disabled ShowingTime for the listing. This means that as the buyer’s agent you will need to make efforts to contact the Listing Agent via email/text/call to confirm the showing appointment.   

5.   Changing your email or phone number in FlexMLS

To update your primary email or primary contact phone number in FLEX you will need to edit your GAAR Profile. When you login to your GAAR Member Portal you will see an option on the left side of the homepage where you can edit your primary contact information. It takes several hours for the GAAR Portal profile to update in FlexMLS.