SWMLS Safety Alert

Recent crime studies show that properties listed as "vacant" are prone to being targeted by criminals.

As of August 26th, the Southwest Multiple Listing Service (SWMLS) reported approximately 35 Active listings that include the word "vacant" in the Public Remarks section.  The Public Remarks section is just one of several sections that are visible to the public and appear on many real estate websites.

To help ensure that your seller's private property information stays out of the public eye, follow the SWMLS tips below:

Public Remarks Section - This part of the listing information form is where property specific remarks are posted.  This is also an area of the listing where private information may be accidently disclosed, information that may indicate the home is vacant.

Property Directions Section - This is another part of the listing that is displayed to the public.  Unless your seller is comfortable with publishing a gate code or access code, you may want to type this information in the Agent Only Remarks, where the information will not be disclosed to the public.