Take the YPN Pledge to support RPAC

Learn about the Young Professionals Network RPAC Pledge

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) was designed to help the younger generation of REALTORS® build a stronger link with the real estate industry and expand networking and business opportunities. The YPN RPAC Pledge taps into the enthusiasm and political engagement of this large and diverse group of REALTORS®. This pledge promotes a culture of investing in RPAC while increasing participation in the Major Investor program.

The Pledge encourages YPN members to pledge to invest a total of $10,000 in RPAC over a 10-year period. Interested YPN members must sign up for the program online and start with a minimum investment of $100. There are also suggestions on how members can reach their goal of $10,000 in 10 years. A member must invest a minimum of $100 per year in order to remain in the program.

By signing the pledge, YPN members are creating RPAC awareness in their communities and articulating the value of investing in RPAC. 


The YPN Pledge IS:

  • A Non-Binding Pledge to invest $10,000 to RPAC over the next 10 years.
  • An opportunity for younger association leaders to show their dedication to our industry.
  • To lead by example. Not only for fellow YPNers but the industry as a whole. YPN investment percentages are much lower than you would expect.
  • Minimum investment to join and remain in the pledge program is $100 a year

The YPN Pledge is NOT:

  • A Pledge to be a Major Investor or Sterling R ($1,000 investment) for 10 years (although you can if you choose to)
  • Limited to YPN Members only - YPN is not defined by age, thus there is not an age limit for inclusion
  • Mandatory for VPN members to participate in.
  • A binding contract. If for some reason you can't complete the pledge you won't receive a bill.

NAR Recognition Upon Completion of Initial Pledge

  • Recognition First Year of Pledge Program
  • Thank You Letter and Certificate
  • Recognition at YPN Events (Sign with Names)
  • Recognition on YPN Facebook Group

NAR Recognition Upon Completion of Pledge Program

  • Recognition by Announcement at YPN Event
  • Recognition on YPN Facebook Group
  • Recognition at RPAC Awards Ceremony*
  • Completion Award*
  • Photo with NAR President*

*Recognition will take place the year following completion of the Pledge Program

Click to access the YPN RPAC Pledge at NAR.
NAR user name & password are required.


What is RPAC? Why should I invest?

RPAC is the REALTORS ® Political Action Committee. Simply defined, RPAC is what protects our business and private property rights. RPAC funds are used to make sure issues facing the Real Estate industry and homeowners are being heard by our elected officials. Some recent wins for RPAC are the preservation of the GSE mortgage market and mortgage interest deduction as well as make sense flood insurance policies. The REALTOR® Party has a long history of successes, however, the threats are not going to stop. As the next generation of industry leaders, it is our responsibility to keep the emphasis on investing in RPAC and REALTOR ® Party engagement alive!

I am a new agent and I don't know if I will be in business 10 years from now.

In this case I would focus on the minimum investment of $100 a year. The concern is completely understandable but remember the YPN Pledge is non-binding. It is a good faith pledge to carry out the goal of investing $10,000 over the next 10 years. Take a leap of faith it will empower you!

I have a family so I can't afford it.

We understand your concern. Real estate is a business that requires agents to invest in their businesses to be successful. We invest our dollars in leads, websites and CRM's so investing in RPAC should be thought of in the same way - it is an investment in your business. The last thing you want is to work hard to get licensed, spend money on tools and systems only to then have major changes to our industry occur and reduce your future income potential. The REALTOR® Party and RPAC are one of the most important tools you can use to invest in your current and future earning power. We are not looking for a payment for $1,000. You don't need to become a Major Investor today. What we are asking for is a $100 investment this year, which gives you 9 years to finish the pledge on your own timeframe.

I don't believe in PACs

RPAC is nonpartisan. RPAC supports candidates based on their support of REALTOR® Party issues. Our mission is to make sure our voice is heard concerning topics that affect our business and the private property rights of property owners across the country.

I don't want to commit to giving $1,000 a year.

We are not asking you to. We are asking for a minimum $100 investment today and your commitment to sign the pledge. If you have a great year and want to write a $9,900 check, that's great! If you want to give $100 the first 5 years and increase your investments in years 6-10, that's great too! Additionally, if you decide to become a President's Circle member (giving directly to REALTOR ® Party Champions) those investments count towards the YPN Pledge as well. The timeframe is up to you. The minimum investment to continue in the pledge program is $100 a year. That is why we are asking you to invest today in your future.