Please vote Tuesday if you live in District 7 & 9 for ABQ City Council Positions

The Real Estate Community PAC (RECPAC) is made up of members from GAAR and CARNM, who urge you to vote on Tuesday, December 7th. The runoff election will determine the winners for City Council Districts 7 and 9.

In the Regular General Election, the RECPAC Board of Trustees supported a slate of candidates deemed REALTOR® Champions. As advocates for REALTORS®, we are not concerned about party affiliation but instead focus on finding REALTOR® Champions who will make themselves available to work with us to preserve property rights, promote homeownership, and provide a business-friendly community.

RECPAC supports the following candidates for the Albuquerque City Council:

#7 Lori Robertson
#9 Renee Grout

Voting Resources: