What is Backyard Access?

In order to answer "yes" for Backyard Access on your listing, you need the following information to be true for your property:

  1. It can be accessed by a vehicle, such as a car, truck or motor home, and reaches to the rear of the property.
  2. It can include a gated entry, alley access, public/private road access, or a paved or dirt driveway alongside of the dwelling.  (See Figure A)

Figure A:

Backyard Access Possible tells us that there is potential for access to the rear of the property; however, there would need to be landscaping, wall, fence, or structure changes to the property so that a vehicle, car, truck or motor home can get access.

Listings that do NOT include Backyard Access:

  1. Backyards that cannot be accessed by an auotmobile.
  2. Attached properties that are on a Zero Lot Line and don't include a backyard, such as Condos or Townhomes.
  3. Backyards that can only be accessed on foot by a doorway or gate.
  4. Homes with a 100% walled or fenced yard with no vehicle access.

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