Where and How to Place a Lockbox on a Property

When choosing a location for your lockbox on a property, it is important to think about compliance and safety.  While GAAR does not have rules on lockbox placement, we do have some advice we hope you'll consider.

Lockbox Placement Guide

  1. Supra lockboxes are designed to be placed on door knobs - not tree branches, patio furniture or swing sets.
  2. Placing a lockbox on a gas, water or electric meter or line can cause property damage and is a vital safety concern.  In fact, most utility providers have rules against the attachment of items on their meters or lines and will remove them.
  3. Be considerate of the reach of those that might be accessing your lockbox - REALTORS® are not "one-size-fits-all".
Tip: Overcoming difficult door knobs
Did you know that the shackle can be completely detached from the lockbox to accommodate unusual door knobs?!
Here's how . . .
  1. First release the shackle with your ActiveKEY or eKEY.
  2. Then, with the shackle released, start the shackle release process a second time with your KEY.
  3. When the shackle is being released, pull up to remove the shackle completely.

For more information, check out the Supra iBox User Guide.