Why does RSA want permission to send notifications?

You've downloaded the Real Safe Agent app, do you have questions about the notification setting? Watch this video for a quick explanation:

Do you still need to download the app?

Your safety is a priority and last year GAAR launched Real Safe Agent. This app is another tool to help keep you safe during open houses and showings. If you have yet to install and activate the app, do so today so we all go home safe.

Here's how to connect to Real Safe Agent:

1. Download the App:
iPhone Users: Download Real Safe Agent below.

Android Users:  Download Real Safe Agent below.

2. Activate your Real Safe Agent account and follow the instructions on this link:  https://visitmyagent.com/agents.php?oid=21446h91d119b6978e6fba95cc5851551c8659&mc_cid=9b9a43fbad&mc_eid=007555424c

3. Register for a FREE Training Class to learn how to:

  • Screen New Clients
  • Rate Clients that make you uncomfortable
  • Send a Drop-In Alert to nearby REALTORS®
  • Contact Police
  • And more

Real Safe Agent. Take Control of Your Safety and Your Business.
Date:  Tuesday, May 21st
Time:  2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Location:  GAAR REALTOR® Building
Instructor:  Kellie Tinnin
Cost:  Free

Watch for more tips on how to activate:

Real Safe Agent Email Support:       Support@realsafeagent.com
Real Safe Agent Support Line:         512-593-4300