What do I do if I can't find my listing on one of the publisher wesbites?

Log in to your account here and check your ListHub inventory to ensure that this listing is available. If the listing does not show in the “Inventory” tab in your ListHub account, then it will not be part of the listings sent to each publisher. If it does display in Inventory, then verify that the publisher in question has been selected under the “Publishers” tab of your ListHub account. If the listing appears in your ListHub inventory but is still not appearing on one or more of your selected publishers’ websites, contact Please be sure to provide the following information in the request so that we may best assist you:

Publisher: the name of the publisher(s) on which you cannot find your listing.

MLS Number: the MLS number for the listing (Be sure it is the MLS number associated with the MLS in which your account is registered).

Criteria: the search criteria you used on the particular publisher website in order to find your listing (for example, Zip=98765, Price = 100,000-150,000, Beds = 3).