How much will it cost for me to continue with Transaction Desk?

If members decide to continue with Transaction Desk, they will have two options available. The member can continue to have access to historical transactions stored on Transaction Desk and access the NMAR forms for $89.00 per year/per broker. If members want to continue to use Transaction Desk for data storage, NMAR forms, and AuthentiSign, it will cost $159.00 per year/per broker. NMAR will continue to forward new/revised forms to Transaction Desk. NMAR recommends that members who wish to continue with Transaction Desk wait until the pop-ups appear to gain the special pricing negotiated by NMAR which should start July 31st. Members that continue with Transaction Desk will no longer have access for Qualifying Brokers to review/monitor their transactions unless the office purchases the Broker Edition. Keep in mind that Transaction Desk is historically slow in updating the NMAR forms for the membership.