Download Real Safe Agent to Stay Safe during Showings

Real Safe Agent, a new member benefit is available now! Install the app on your phone and start connecting with other REALTORS® to stay safe during open houses and showings. Follow the three steps and go home safe!

1. Download the App:
iPhone Users: Download Real Safe Agent below.

Android Users:  Download Real Safe Agent below.

2. Activate your Real Safe Agent account and follow the instructions on this link:

3. Register for a 1-hour Training Class to learn how to:

  • Screen New Clients
  • Rate Clients that make you uncomfortable
  • Send a Drop-In Alert to nearby REALTORS®
  • Contact Police
  • And more

Real Safe Agent Training 
Date:  Monday, December 10th
Time:  2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Location:  GAAR REALTOR® Building
Instructor:  Kellie Tinnin

Real Safe Agent works when we all work together - more broker participation creates a safer environment. Start using it today so we all go home safe.

Watch for more tips on how to activate:

Real Safe Agent Email Support:
Real Safe Agent Support Line:         512-593-4300