Real estate signs and sales permits for Los Ranchos and Corrales

In an effort to track gross receipts tax from real estate transactions in their jurisdictions, both Los Ranchos and Corrales have city ordinances that require permits for real estate listings.

Permit compliance is tracked by riders on your “For Sale” sign. If you don’t have a permit or sign rider, you could be fined and your sign may be removed. When listing a house in either of these villages, make sure you receive your permit prior to activating your listing and posting your signage.

Village of Los Ranchos

Per Los Ranchos' Codified Ordinances, Chapter 9, Article 3, all “Realtors” intending to sell a property in the Village are required to apply for a permit for each property. The fee is $35 and the permit must be posted on the bottom right hand corner of the “For Sale” sign. If there is no “For Sale” sign, the permit must be displayed prominently on the building/property.

To receive a permit, download and complete Los Ranchos’ Parcel Permit Application and return to the Village of Los Ranchos. If you have any questions about Los Ranchos’ permitting and signage requirements, contact the Village of Los Ranchos directly at 505-344-6582.

Village of Corrales

Per Corrales city Ordinance 12-002, The Village of Corrales requires that you apply for the Real Estate Transaction Permit Fee at the time of the of the listing. The application fee is $35 and may be refunded if the property is not sold and/or the contract is cancelled. This ordinance is an amendment to Ordinance 09-008 which requires posting of permits (riders) on the property.

To apply for a permit, download and complete the application form and return to the Village of Corrales. If you have any questions about the Corrales permitting process, you may contact the city directly at 505-897-0502.


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