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Did you know that as a member of SWMLS you automatically have access to Down Payment Resource (DPR) and all of the free tools that come with it? As part of our Down Payment Resource GAAR Guru month, we’d like to highlight a couple that you can use as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Add DPR to your IDX search

How it works

In Flexmls, users can see a special icon displayed on property listings that qualify for one or more homeownership programs. Brokers and agents can incorporate this feature into their public-facing home search experience as well.

Consumers can click on the icon on eligible properties to get to an eligibility form to enter their household information. This form will automatically transfer location and pricing information from relevant MLS data to ensure that these factors are considered in determining eligibility for programs.

Sample IDX website with DPR added

Choose your icon

Choose an icon from DPR’s image library. Please follow the brand guidelines for the icon to use the best format and size for your site.

Vendor Instructions

Send the following instructions to the vendor who manages your site.

IDX vendors or site admins can identify the Down Payment Resource Y/N data field in RETS, and display the DPR graphic provided by the Agent on all eligible listings (DPR=Y), hyperlinked as follows:

The base format for DPR links appearing on eligible listings on IDX sites is:

where listing_id is the listing’s MLS number.

To enable delivery of lead emails to the IDX site owner

An additional URL parameter must be provided. The preferred option is:

where agent_id designates an agent record that can be retrieved from RETS. The lead email will be sent to the email address from the specified record, and the email address and phone number from that record will be included in the confirmation email sent to the prospect.

As an alternative, the designation address for the Agent’s lead email may be given explicitly using the following parameter:

In this case, the phone number to be included in the confirmation email (if any) may be provided by appending the following parameter (if omitted, no Agent phone number will be included in the confirmation email to the consumer):

Lead emails generated by DPR from this workflow identify the host name of the site that linked to DPR. By default, the host name is extracted from the URL of the page that contained the link to DPR (more specifically, from the Referrer header in the HTTP request).

For website owners that wish to override this default (or do not provide a value for the Referrer header), the following parameter may be appended to the URL:

Add the DPR Personal Marketing Tool to your website

In addition to adding a DPR link to your IDX search, you can also add a link to your own DPR Personal Marketing tool.

The DPR Personal Marketing Tool allows you to create your own personal Down Payment Resource Center to show your website visitors that you can help them find information about available programs. Once they complete the form and request details, an email is delivered to you with their contact information.

To add the button and Down Payment Resource Center consumer link to your site, login to Flexmls and navigate to Products > Down Payment Resource.

Once you are there, click on the “Personal Marketing Tool” button to get step-by-step instructions and the URL to your DPR Marketing Tool.

DPR Personal Marketing Tool

Tip: You can also include this same link in your email signature.


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