Do you have trouble remembering names?

As a REALTOR®, your business greatly depends on your ability to build rapport with others.  The simplest way to make connections with potential clients is to learn, know, and remember their names.

As Dale Carnegie once wrote, "A person's name is to that person the sweetest, most important sound in any language," so it's important that you get it right.

To ensure you remember the names of your potential clients, follow the strategies below:

  • Say it aloud. When meeting a potential client, say her name aloud at least twice; first as a question to confirm you heard it correctly, and second as a conversation starter.  This is also helpful if you are unsure about the pronunciation.
  • Ask a question. Ask the potential client a question.  This will give you time to anchor the name in your memory, while also giving her an opportunity to speak.
  • Use repetition. Say the potential client's name in your head at least ten times.  Repetition will help lock the name in your memory.
  • Make associations. Link the potential client's name with something familiar to you and visualize it.  Creating a mental picture of this association will help make it memorable.
  • Write it down. Collect a business card from the potential client to write down notes from your conversation once she is out of sight.  This will help you remember key points for a follow-up.