Does RPR have mailing labels for prospecting?

How does 2,000 per month sound? 

For REALTORS®, mailing labels or mailing lists, play a crucial role in prospecting outreach in competitive markets. You can create them or export owner information from your RPR search results. These ready-to-print mailing labels are perfect for farming, prospecting or direct mail marketing within custom geographies.

  • With RPR, you can produce up to 2K mailing labels per month—free!
  • Conduct an area search, then use filters to narrow it down or use a previously saved area, such as a farm area
  • Sort your results using the “List View” and click “Mailing Labels” once you have the right number of addresses
  • A pop up window appears; then choose your label type or a CSV file
  • Hit “print” and remember, you have 2,000 EACH MONTH to use

Watch below to see how to create mailing labels in one minute: