Flood Zone Data in the MLS

Did you know there are several online resources available to help you identify Flood Zone (FEMA) information for your residential or land properties?  Many of the resources are located in your FlexMLS system.  Follow the tips below to learn about where you can find Flood Zone data.

MLS Flood Zone Tips:

A lot of properties in our area are identifed with Flood Zone X, which is an actual designation indicating an area with minimal flood hazards.  The Flood Zone field in an MLS listing asks if the property is located in a designated Flood Zone by having you select Yes, No, or Unknown.  If the property has Flood Zone X, then you would enter Yes for the Flood Zone field on the MLS listing.

CRS Tax Detail Page - The CRS Tax Detail page of a property will identify the FEMA Flood Zone Classifications for any tax parcel in the five counties we serve.

CRS Map Layers - On the CRS Tax Detail page you can choose to view Bing Maps that can display the Flood Zone overlays.

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) Map Layers - When viewing off market and on market properties in RPR, you can choose to View a large map which also includes a Flood Zone overlay map.

City of Albuquerque GIS Website - This online address search has been available on the CABQ website for many years.  You can search for any Albuquerque address and identify tax and school information for most homes, AND identify the Flood Zone Designation.

FEMA - Our list would not be complete without a final mention of the original source of the Flood Zone Information, FEMA.  You can go to this site to search by address to locate your Flood Zone information.