Remind Recipe #1: How to Identify Sellers in Remine
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Search for your targeted area and apply the criteria to the map. You may define your search areas by city, zip code, neighborhood or school zone. It is also important to note which toggle you are under. To identity sellers and for prospecting purposes, you will need to use the Properties toggle.

Apply Filters to narrow down your search. We suggest using the Status – Off Market filter and then applying the layers of Ownership Time and Sell Score, when prospecting for sellers.

Add your search results to a Cart. From here, you can take actions such as printing mailing labels and exporting a CSV. Alternatively, you can use PCMDigital to build a customizable mailing campaign from the list created. If you choose to use PCMDigital, they are currently running a promotion! Use the code TENFREE at checkout for 10 free postcards.

Pro Tip – if you are on the Pro plan, you can add “Owner Information” to your CSV export to include the owner’s name, associated email and phone numbers.

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