How to run your Agent Production Reports

Since it is a new year you may already have started looking at your production numbers from 2014.  This article will show you a quick way in FLEX MLS to run your production reports.   If you changed offices in 2014 there is a trick you need to do to pull in production from both offices.

My Production Report

To generate a quick report of your production numbers log in to FLEX MLS and then go to STATISTICS>My Production.  That’s it!  Your report should display activity from your current and prior offices .   This respond only display the current year’s listings and will already be limited to 2015.  To get last year’s report use the Agent Sales Summary.

Agent Listing and Sales Summary

To access this report log in to FLEX MLS then go to STATISTICS>Inventory and Production.  You will see a long list of reports.  Scroll through the list and select Agent Listing and Sales Summary.      After entering your date range and selecting “activity from prior offices” (if applicable) you will have a custom report of your production numbers.

What about other Agent’s Production?

Only a Qualifying Broker at an office has the access in FLEX to view production for their agent’s sales.  If you are curious to know someone’s production from a different office you might try setting up a basic Quick Search.     When you do this type of Quick Search you need to select your Selling Date range and make sure to Add a field to the search called Listing Member.  This will allow you to select any Active user in FLEX and can identify their sale production for that time period. 

Office Production reports (for Qualifying Brokers)

If you are the Participant (QB) or Office Manager at an office FLEX MLS allows you to run production reports for one or more agents at that office.     The best report to use for this is found under STATISTICS>Inventory and Production>Production Report.  *It’s the report at the bottom of the list.

If you need additional information or have questions about running your sales production reports please contact our office at 843-8833.