Mask Mandate & SWMLS Showing Recommendations
Mask Mandate Goes Into Effect Today

Beginning Friday, August 20th - due to the rising surge of COVID infections in New Mexico, anyone over 2 years old is required to wear a mask in all indoor public settings except when eating or drinking. Businesses, houses of worship, and other entities may enact stricter requirements at their discretion.

The mandate will remain in effect until at least September 15th. However, the governor may decide to extend or lift the requirement as necessary.

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How This Will Affect You
The GAAR Office requires masks inside the building regardless of vaccination status.

With regards to Open Houses and Showings, Members should always adhere to their Office Policies. In the event that none are in place, please consider the following:

SWMLS Recommendations on Showings, Listings, and Open Houses

  • If you have a listing, have a conversation with your seller to determine what they are comfortable with in regard to showings, inspections, and open houses. Make sure that you request your seller’s preferences in writing and clearly communicate those in the LO/SO Remarks ASAP.
  • If you have a buyer, make sure you are carefully reviewing the LO/SO Remarks, and are clearly following all instructions noted. Buyers and buyer’s brokers must comply with the seller’s directive. As a condition of SWMLS membership, subscribers agree to follow showing instructions as instructed by the listing broker as per below:

Section 2.0.1 Showing Instructions
Listing brokers shall provide showing procedures, instructions, and restrictions within applicable fields of the MLS. Participants and Subscribers shall follow instructions as specified by the listing broker. Participants and Subscribers may communicate with the listing broker to discuss and agree upon showing methods other than what has been entered for the listing.

  • Keep in mind that the seller dictates the showing terms. This is outlined in the Code of Ethics below:

Standard of Practice 1-16
REALTORS® shall not access or use, or permit or enable others to access or use, listed or managed property on terms or conditions other than those authorized by the owner or seller. (Adopted 1/12)

And it is not just buyer’s brokers who must comply with the seller’s wishes; listing brokers must as well. In the event they allow others to access a home on terms other than the seller’s wishes, they can be found in violation of the Code of Ethics.

Above all, members are reminded to be kind and respectful to each other as we continue to pivot during the changing environment. Remember that everyone has a different comfort level so please do your best to be understanding during the process.  

In-Person Showings
  • When possible limit your showings to qualified buyers.
  • ALL showings should be scheduled in ShowingTime (Includes vacant, as well as occupied - do not use language such as: “VLB, go and show anytime” in showing instructions.) 
  • Abide by your appointment time and any showing instructions 
  • Download the ShowingTime app so that you can easily modify showings if you are running late
  • Do not enter a property if another group is inside
  • Require masks for those entering a property
  • Limit touching of surfaces and sanitize any necessary surfaces after a showing
Open Houses
  • Limit your tours to 1 related group at a time
  • Require masks for those entering a property
  • Limit touching of surfaces and sanitize any necessary surfaces after a tour
  • Post a sign at the entrance requesting that people wait outside until a previous group has completed a tour
Your cooperation is appreciated as we continue to safely serve our clients.