SWMLS to revise APS Map Overlays

The Map Overlays found in the FlexMLS Map section are useful ways to quickly look up the APS School District, MLS Area, Zone Atlas, Gross Receipts Tax Boundary, Zoning Codes, and more. Some of these Map Overlays will auto-populate listing information on a new listing and save time on listing input.    

During a routine audit of these map overlay shapes, SWMLS identified a few errors with the existing APS School Boundaries.      As of May 28, 2019 the APS School Boundaries have been updated.

SWMLS is working to update the Albuquerque School boundaries in the FlexMLS map overlays in the next few weeks and will temporarily disable the auto-populate/geocoding feature on listings for the Albuquerque School districts. It is recommended that you check your existing listings to ensure they contain accurate school information. During this temporary period, you may need to go directly to the APS website to search the attendance area for that address.  The Albuquerque School boundaries will still remain in the FlexMLS map section and an announcement will be made to all SWMLS members when they are fixed and can be considered 100% accurate again.     

SWMLS has put together a list of all the existing  Albuquerque school districts in the Flex overlays that will be revised. Please note that only the Albuquerque Schools have an available map overlay and is not available for other school districts. Rio Rancho School overlays are in the process of being added later in 2019.

Which of the APS school are wrong in the MLS?

Albuquerque Elementary Schools that have incorrect boundaries:

  • Barcelona
  • Chaparral
  • Coronado
  • Coyote Willow
  • Desert Willow
  • Edward Gonzales
  • George I. Sanchez 
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Navajo
  • Onate
  • Painted Sky
  • Rudolfo Anaya
  • S.R. Marmon
  • Tres Volcanes
  • Ventana Ranch

Albuquerque Middle Schools that have incorrect boundaries:

  • George I. Sanchez
  • Grant
  • Harrison
  • James Monroe
  • Jefferson
  • Jimmy Carter
  • John Adams
  • Tres Volcanes
  • Truman

Albuquerque High Schools that have incorrect boundaries:

  • Artistic Heritage
  • West Mesa

2 ways to manually locate the APS School:

  1. Go to the APS website and manually lookup the address
  2. Go to the website, cabq.gov/gis and search the address.  

Is there a list of all the MLS Overlay shapes that are available in the Flex Map section? 
Yes, there is. The Flex Map overlay list (upper right corner of the Map Screen) contains the following layers:

  • Albuquerque Elementary Schools
  • Albuquerque Middle Schools
  • Albuquerque High Schools
  • Albuquerque Neighborhood Associations
  • Albuquerque Zoning (includes new IDO Zoning codes and Bernalillo Zoning Codes)
  • Counties
  • GRT Location Code
  • Los Ranchos De Albuquerque
  • MLS Areas
  • Public Improvement Districts
  • Zip Codes
  • Zone Atlas Grid
  • Paradise Hills Special Zoning (found in the My Map Overlay section below the main list)

Please call 505-843-8833 or email mls@gaar.com with any questions or if you need help verifying accurate APS school data for your listings.