GAAR’s new branding campaign increases the “Value of the REALTOR®” in the ABQ Metro area


It's the number one quality our local consumers look for in a real estate professional.

Through your subscription to our strict Code of Ethics, it's what sets you apart.

The Code helps you build trust with your clients...IF they know about it.  To eliminate that IF – and add more value to you as a member – GAAR has developed a campaign to educate the public about the "Value of a REALTOR®" by focusing on building trust and integrity through our Code of Ethics.

As a brand, "REALTOR®" has almost become synomous with real estate professional. Recognizing this issue, the National Association of REALTORS® has made the consumer outreach advertising campaign a core standard for local assocations like GAAR. Our combined goal is to restore value to the brand and, in doing so, increase the value of your membership. At the local level, we have developed a clean, simple campaign to do just that. 

We've launched a new print compaign that will run in the remaining 2015 issues of Albuquerque the Magazine and Su Casa plus key issues of The Alibi. Our print advertsing will be supplemented by digital advertising in the fall. Our first ad was launched on May 26th with a full page ad in the "Homes and Gardens" edition of Albuquerque the Magazine. We will have a 1/3rd page verticle ad in the upcoming Summer edition of Su Casa.

The campaign will carry through the early 2016. In the weeks prior to GAAR's Grande Open House Weekend, we will be launching an exciting New and Improved campaign that will continue to build trust in the community (Stay tuned to learn more about that).

Fall Ad Schedule

Below is our fall print advertising schedule:

Albuquerque the Magazine

Jun – Home & Garden: Full page

Jul – Experts in their fields: 1/2 page

Sep – State Fair, retirement: 1/2 page

Oct – Balloon fiesta /Homegrown: 1/2 page

Dec/Jan – Real Estate: 1/2 page

Su Casa Magazine

Summer -  Outdoor living: 1/3 page

Autumn – Fall Homes of Enchantment Parade: 1/3 page

Winter – Home Expo Edition: 1/3 page

The Alibi

7/23 – Dining guide:  2.37” x 11”

8/20 – Education:  2.37” x 11”

9/10 – State Fair: 2.37” x 11”

10/1 – Balloon Fiesta: 2.37” x 11”

10/8 – Best of Burque Restaurants: 2.37” x 11”

Keep an eye out for our upcoming ads. If you have any questions about our ad campaign, please contact Eva Medcoft,  Manager of Communication and Outreach, at