REALTOR® Fund Donor Wall Phase 1 Deadline is April 15th

The REALTOR® Fund Donor Recognition Wall will be installed at the GAAR building this summer to honor the generosity of our REALTOR® and Affiliate Members.

Each year, the Donor Wall will be updated with new donor names. Currently, phase one will recognize seven corporate donors and 10 individual donors.

Individual donors who have contributed $1,000 or more and Corporate donors contributing $5,000 or more towards the REALTOR® Fund will be permanently recognized on this beautiful installation created by mosaic artists Laura Robbins and Marina Rabinowitz.

There are six tiers. The higher the tier, the larger the recognition piece on the wall. 

  • Corporate Tier 1:  $5,000+
  • Corporate Tier 2:  $10,000+
  • Corporate Tier 3:  $20,000+
    * 50% of Annual Sponsorship Packages will be credited towards a corporate total
  • Individual Tier 1:  $1,000+
  • Individual Tier 2:  $5,000+
  • Individual Tier 3:  $10,000+

If you would like to be among the first group of donors recognized on the wall, the deadline to donate is Monday, April 15th. Click here to view how you can donate.

In 2018, The Realtor Fund Committee sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for design and installation of the donor wall. Three companies/artists completed the RFP and the committee narrowed the list to two groups who presented to the GAAR Board of Directors in February. Marina Rabinowitz and Laura Robbins were selected and commissioned by the Board to complete the installation.  They are currently working on the art and plan to have it installed this summer.

REALTORS® have had an integral role in the development of the Greater Albuquerque area for more than 90 years. Through their dedicated efforts and involvement, REALTORS® have positively influenced the shaping of our neighborhoods and communities.

The REALTOR® Fund was established by GAAR through the Albuquerque Community Foundation to provide a permanently sustainable fund to aid non-profit charities in Bernalillo, Valencia, Sandoval, and Torrance Counties. By establishing this endowment fund, REALTORS® demonstrate their ongoing pledge to honor their responsibilities to the community and to express gratitude for a successful real estate industry. The original $1 million dollar goal was reached four years early. Our new goal is to increase the endowment to $2 million dollars. To learn more, click here.