Using Client-Forward Marketing

When you become a REALTOR®, you pledge to protect and promote the interests of your clients, and what better way to do that than by using client-forward marketing.

Client-forward, or client-centered, marketing focuses on the needs and wants of your potential clients, building relationships with them, and communicating information to them that's relevant and helpful.

Most real estate brokers still utilize "ME" marketing, plastering their photos on flyers, advertisements, websites, and billboards.  But what purpose does all this horn-blowing serve?  Do clients select their real estate broker based on flashy ads?  The answer is NO.  Clients base their selection on trust.

Take a good look at your own marketing.  Does it talk about YOU or your client?  Placing clients at the forefront of your marketing is easy and fun.  Just try some of the suggestions below:

  • Think in terms of show, not tell - benefits, not features.
  • Have photos of your clients in your testimonials.  Let your clients talk about you and their experience working with you.
  • When you announce a new listing on your website or on social media, don't just have a photo of the home, include the owner, with a brief statement, in their own words, of what they like about the home.
  • Avoid the long laundry list of your credentials and just let your clients know what you do specifically to make their lives better.  No one cares how many houses you’ve sold, only that you can sell theirs.
  • Have a “wall of fame” of the properties and people you’ve represented.  You can post photos on your website, or get creative with sketches made of your best properties and have them framed for your office.