What Guides NMAR Leadership in setting Legislative Policy?

The New Mexico REALTORS® Association has created five Quality of Life Statements which it utilizes to guide the Legislative Committee in setting Legislative priorities each year.


REALTORS® believe that private property rights are the fundamental tenant upon which our nation was founded and are guaranteed by both the New Mexico State Constitution and the United States Constitution. REALTORS® strongly support the right of each individual to own, use, and transfer real property. REALTORS® also recognize water as one of the cornerstones of private property rights and support a common-sense approach to the government’s control of ownership rights and usage of this valuable resource. REALTORS® support and encourage consumer protection programs that are consistent with maintaining and enhancing private property rights as well as educational programs designed to inform the public of the existence and benefits of such programs. 


REALTORS® believe that vigorous and fair competition is essential to the maintenance of the free enterprise system, and the best way of encouraging economic development. Strong economic development in both cities and rural areas will increase the quality of life for New Mexicans by assuring strong job creation, a sustainable economy, a myriad of opportunities, increased purchasing power, a broadened tax base, and the vitality of a community with a diversity of views and experience. A broad tax base is crucial to the government’s ability to provide and update infrastructure and deliver necessary services to communities and citizens across New Mexico. 

REALTORS® support legislation that promotes a healthy business climate which encourages businesses to locate and thrive in the state. As such, REALTORS® support legislation that:  promotes the ability of members to conduct business in a profitable environment of free enterprise; makes it easier to operate small businesses; spurs business growth and improves the economic vitality of both the state’s urban and rural areas; promotes regulatory reform that would avoid duplicative regulation; streamlines permitting processes and procedures; provides user-friendly government assistance for small business, and promotes the ability of the business community to offer health care benefits that are affordable and meet the needs of their employees.   

REALTORS® believe that a well-educated citizenry is an essential component of New Mexico’s economic wellbeing and support programs and legislation to improve the educational system that are prudent, accountably administered, and strategically focused on demonstrable results to maximize each dollar invested. 


REALTORS® believe that home ownership is indeed the American dream and that it fosters responsibility and stability in communities, grows positive civic values, and increases individuals’ financial security. REALTORS® support efforts to afford all residents of the State of New Mexico the opportunity to live in safe, affordable, and sanitary housing. REALTORS® favor legislative measures aimed at increasing the availability and affordability of housing in the same areas where people work, play, and shop. REALTORS® support Fair Housing. 


REALTORS® recognize the superb landscape and natural amenities in which New Mexicans are privileged to live and are firmly committed to protecting that quality of life.  

REALTORS® urge continued action in the protection of the quality of our air, water, and land. REALTORS® recognize the value of open space, parks, and recreational opportunities for all residents and visitors, and the value which these items bring to surrounding properties and the economy of the state. REALTORS® support policies, regulations, and statutes that serve to protect the Land of Enchantment through the marketplace, and with incentives, in each instance with fair and just compensation. REALTORS® firmly maintain that the best decisions are made by property owners in collaboration with political bodies closest to the voters. REALTORS® recognize that property development, management and preservation of natural resources are vital in order to protect our existing and future housing stock, as long as the economic factors are also taken into consideration. 


REALTORS® strongly believe that communities flourish when they offer a high quality of life at a reasonable cost and when they are located in proximity to areas where people work, play, and shop. Quality communities offer diversity in housing choices, employment opportunities, a high standard of public schooling, open space, access to public transportation, and community infrastructure to support the framework of the quality of life enjoyed by New Mexicans. Government must encourage the construction of needed capital infrastructure, such as community water systems, community waste systems, upgraded roads and highways, and schools. REALTORS® recognize the imperative of long-term planning in accommodating future growth in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. 

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